ExpressVPN on Raspberry Pi keeps changing DNS settings (does not revert DNS settings)

So I’ve been playing around with some Raspberry Pi 4’s and on one of them I’ve been using the ARM version of the ExpressVPN client.What I noticed is that while connected to the VPN I could no longer DNS resolve the names of internal network resources via the DNS server on my router or my […]

Powershell: Virtual Machine Manager – Disable Virtual Adaptor Network Optimisation

If you use Virtual Machine Manager then you may have issues live-migrating VMs between hosts. You may get messages like this in the VMM job list: Information (11037) There currently are no network adapters with network optimization available on host ACME.contoso.local Error (10434) No suitable host is available for migrating the existing highly available virtual […]

Windows Certificate Authorities: distributing new client certificates via SCCM

We’ve recently migrated (side-by-side) to a new Active-Directory (AD) integrated root Certificate Authority (offline) with an intermediate issuing CA. Now while AD should take care of things like distribution of the CA certificates to the clients so they know who to trust, there still remains the issue of the certificates of the clients themselves.Specifically, certificates […]

‘The IO operation at logical block address was retried’ on Hyper-V 2012 R2 guest

I’ve recently been working a lot with Microsoft’s backup solution and part of the System Center 2012 R2 suite: Data protection Manager 2012 R2. I will likely post some architecture and hands-on experience posts in the very near future but for now I want to share an experience I had after I migrated my DPM […]

Hyper-V: The VHD/VHDX cannot be accessed by the system when deduplication has been enabled

I’ve been setting up a few Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V clusters lately and I ran across what, at first sight, appeared to be a common permissions problem. The setup was a single-node cluster using a CSV of an iSCSI volume. I’d migrated some test VMs to it and all seemed fine and so I […]

Ubuntu to CentOS rsync errors with chgrp Operation not permitted (1)

When running rsync to backup from a ZFS volume on my primary Ubuntu server to a backup server running Centos I was getting non-fatal errors like this: rsync: chgrp “/DISK2_BACKUP/mnt/share4/vmshare/” failed: Operation not permitted (1) My rsync commandlines have the following format: rsync -avr –delete –progress /DISK2/vmshare/ /mnt/share4/vmshare/ The key flag in that commandline is […]

SCCM 2012 agent reboots when MSIEXEC uses REALLYSUPPRESS switch

I recently discovered some rather worrying behaviour in SCCM 2012 SP1 regarding how the CM agent handles return codes from msiexec. If you pass the /REALLYSUPPRESS switch to msixec then that means that if msixec determines that the installation needs a reboot (for example, if a required file was in use during the install/upgrade) then […]