New Outlook web mail: Migrating from Hotmail

As reported on Lifehacker, Microsoft have released Outlook as a sort of successor to hotmail.

The link for the new service is at:

If, like me, you were wondering if you can migrate your existing hotmail account to the new system/interface then the answer is ‘yes.’ There are two methods that i know of:

1. You can do it when logged into to hotmail and then clicking “Options” in the upper-right corner and choosing “Upgrade to”

2. Personally I just went to and logged in with my hotmail/Live! account. The browser then just sat there loading/thinking for a few minutes before I gave up and closed the window. i then tried logging into and it looked part-migrated (but still fully usable). I then logged out and back in and the migration was complete.

First impressions:

I like that with a reading pane at the bottom it feels just like the fully-loaded MS Outlook.
However, I’m not sold on the side-bar that seems to dominate the right-side of the screen. I think the idea is that you choose from various panels/widgets to do with social networking, contacts and so on.

I also note that if you click the drop-down arrow on the Outlook button on the top right of the screen you get a rather Metro-esque sub-menu/bar to easily switch betwee: Mail, People, Calendar and Skydrive.
The skydrive part is rather nice since you get 7Gb free.
Also bear in mind that with the new service are a bunch of new aliases up for grabs for
As such, if you’re one of the quick ones you’ll be able to snap up the good names, even if just for use as aliases.

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