ExpressVPN on Raspberry Pi keeps changing DNS settings (does not revert DNS settings)

So I’ve been playing around with some Raspberry Pi 4’s and on one of them I’ve been using the ARM version of the ExpressVPN client.What I noticed is that while connected to the VPN I could no longer DNS resolve the names of internal network resources via the DNS server on my router or my […]

Ubuntu to CentOS rsync errors with chgrp Operation not permitted (1)

When running rsync to backup from a ZFS volume on my primary Ubuntu server to a backup server running Centos I was getting non-fatal errors like this: rsync: chgrp “/DISK2_BACKUP/mnt/share4/vmshare/” failed: Operation not permitted (1) My rsync commandlines have the following format: rsync -avr –delete –progress /DISK2/vmshare/ /mnt/share4/vmshare/ The key flag in that commandline is […]